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The Black Bloc Exposed

From The Brenner Brief:

In recent weeks, Egypt has been the scene of upheaval and turmoil. Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s government is struggling to stay in power as Egyptians revolt against his rule and the Muslim Brotherhood. Added to the chaos is the emergence of a group that calls itself “Black Bloc.” Dressed entirely in black, with black masks to hide their faces, Black Bloc’s members have been on the front lines, stepping between police and military as they attack protesters in Tahrir Square and Port Said. Egypt’s government and media have been swift to label them as terrorists. But are they? Progressive-activist-turned-conservative-activist, Breitbart writer and Citizen Patriot Response Director, Brandon Darby, doesn’t think so.

Darby explained that Black Bloc is more a tactic than an ideology. When used in the US, Europe and other democratic countries, the method is engaged in exclusively by leftists. This maneuver was employed at the 2008 RNC National Convention when the RNC Welcoming Committee, a self-described anarchist group, attempted to prevent RNC delegates from reaching the convention center.

Brandon Darby

Brandon Darby knows all about because he was there. Recruited by the FBI, Darby infiltrated the RNC Welcoming Committee. His work prevented destruction of property and harm to untold numbers of people. He explained that Lisa Fithian, on the steering committee of United for Peace and Justice, was organizing 10,000 liberals to march in peaceful protest against the RNC Convention, held at the xCel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN. Her goal was to prevent the convention from going forward and that couldn’t be done by peaceful means. So she organized three separate groups of people — green, red and yellow — to do separate things…

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