Excellent commentary on the hypocrisy of “I think abortion is wrong. I’d certainly never have one. But you shouldn’t to take away a woman’s right to choose.”

I’m personally against grand theft auto…but I believe in the right of others to decide for themselves whether or not they want to steal cars.  I wouldn’t do it myself, but I believe it should be safe and legal for anyone who makes that choice.  Ok, so if someone steals a car…someone else is out a car.  I get it.  But who am I to take away the choice of the person who feels he needs the car worse than the owner?

I’m personally against rape…but I don’t want to impose my moral views on others who may think rape is just fine, so I support a man’s right to choose whether or not he rapes a woman.  I’d never rape anyone myself…but who am I to decide what is right and wrong for someone else?  Sure, I understand there’s a victim in rape.  But I’m standing for the choice…

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