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The Paris of the West and the Vast Wasteland That Remains


Michigan has been in the headlines recently with right-to work legislation and an omnibus abortion bill. What didn’t cause much stir is Michigan’s 2011 eighth grade education report card. The state as a whole is able to claim to be on par with the nation in reading, with 32 percent of eighth graders rating as “proficient” or better; in math, 31 percent of students ranked as “proficient” or better. Compared with national averages of 32 and 34 percent of eighth graders at or above grade-level  in reading and math, respectively, Michigan’s public education system appears to be as mediocre as every other state. What the statewide numbers don’t show, however, is the complete failure of the Detroit Public Schools.

Decades ago Detroit, called the “Paris of the West,”  was the fourth largest city in the nation with a large and thriving middle class. WhenHenry Ford perfected the assembly line, he was able to bring down the production costs of automobile manufacturing, which in turn made ownership possible to a much larger portion of Americans. With increased sales, Ford needed more workers to produce more vehicles. To attract those employees, he offered $5 a day wages and a shorter work day. The work was monotonous, but the wages were nearly twice what any other auto manufacturer offered. Hopeful workers flocked to Detroit for jobs. Their employment created a large and prosperous middle class[…]

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I have been thinking many of these things myself. I have especially been thinking how we want answers on how to avert such tragedies. The answer is right in front of us. God’s Word contains the answers we so desperately need. And yet, people will scoff if you tell them this. As if doing it the way we’ve been doing it has been so successful. As if more legislation will somehow remove the evil that resides in every man’s heart.

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FoxNews-CTmassacreinterviewUPDATED: You can watch the video of the Fox News interview by clicking here.

I’m grateful to Fox News Channel anchor Shannon Bream for interviewing me on the air this afternoon to talk about the moral and spiritual dimensions of the Newtown massacre. These are not topics that have been discussed much in the media despite wall-to-wall coverage of the tragedy since Friday. We didn’t have time for a full, in-depth conversation, but we got it started. Here are some of the points I made in the interview, as well as some points I would have made had we had more time:

The slaughter of 20 children and numerous teachers and other adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary was horrifying beyond belief — yet what makes it worse is that it isn’t an isolated incident.

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Cam Edwards, Gun Rights, CRPD

Tonight The Brenner Brief radio show will feature Cam Edwards of Cam and Company on and  SiriusXM Patriot Channel. The discussion will focus on gun rights and Second Amendment issues with regard to the Obama Administration.

In addition, Sara will continue the discussion on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), its defeat in the Senate last week and the very likely possibility it will be brought up for another vote after the lame duck session ends.


Listen to and watch the show live or by archive:

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The Left’s Propaganda War: UN Disabilities Treaty (CRPD)


After the Senate failed to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), Senator John Kerry took to the airwaves with Chris Matthews on Hardball Wednesday, vowing to pass the measure within the first three months of 2013. and demonizing the Republicans who voted against the bill:

They argued they were afraid we were giving up sovereignty of the nation and somehow the United Nations would be able to tell us what to do. Neither are true. There is no requirement in this treaty whatsoever that any law in the United States would be changed, no new right would be created that doesn’t exist already in the United States and most importantly because of the terminology of the treaty, the treaty language, that it’s not self-executing, that means nobody has recourse in any court in the United States of America to enforce the treaty. You might ask, why sign up to the treaty, then? The reason is this treaty is based on the gold standard of how America treats people with disabilities. It’s based on Americans with Disabilities Act and raises other countries to our standard. It’s really exporting American sovereignty to other nations. It’s exporting our values… These senators turned their back on that out of completely fictitious, totally made up, entirely fear marketing rationale. We have to change that and we will.

John Kerry on Hardball

Since when is fear of giving up American sovereignty a bad thing?…

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December 8, 2012 · 11:54 pm

The Treaty to Block Parental Rights – CRPD

The Treaty to Block Parental Rights – CRPD

More to follow later today. This treaty goes beyond attempting to block parental rights. All Americans should be contacting their representatives in the Senate, urging them to vote “no” to this treaty in the future.

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Excellent commentary on the hypocrisy of “I think abortion is wrong. I’d certainly never have one. But you shouldn’t to take away a woman’s right to choose.”

I’m personally against grand theft auto…but I believe in the right of others to decide for themselves whether or not they want to steal cars.  I wouldn’t do it myself, but I believe it should be safe and legal for anyone who makes that choice.  Ok, so if someone steals a car…someone else is out a car.  I get it.  But who am I to take away the choice of the person who feels he needs the car worse than the owner?

I’m personally against rape…but I don’t want to impose my moral views on others who may think rape is just fine, so I support a man’s right to choose whether or not he rapes a woman.  I’d never rape anyone myself…but who am I to decide what is right and wrong for someone else?  Sure, I understand there’s a victim in rape.  But I’m standing for the choice…

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GOP: “The Base? What Base?”

GOP: “The Base? What Base?”.

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